What are preworkout supplements?

A Preworkout supplement is any performance optimization supplement designed for an instant boost that is to be taken 15 to 30 minutes prior to performing a strenuous or energy expending activity.

Who are preworkouts for?

For the most part, these supplements are taken prior to going to the gym. But it goes deeper than that. Sure, a seasoned athlete may use preworkouts on the regular but they aren’t just for hardcore athletes. These supplements can also help a new mom get back in the gym after being off for a few months while recovering from childbirth. They can give an individual the boost they need if they are struggling to to make it to the gym after a long day of work. Or they can help someone that is plateauing with their weight loss goals push further and focus on the end goal. And nowadays, some of these supplements are marketed toward gamers looking for more focused game play. Bottom line, preworkouts have a massive reach and are designed with many different exercise/energy goals in mind.

Preworkouts go beyond being just being simply energy drinks. Nowadays preworkouts are fortified to help in many areas of exercise optimization – energy, pump, weight loss, muscle building and endurance. They are also designed to give you an instant boost. This means that 15 to 30 minutes after taking your first scoop, you should feel something. No loading. No guessing. You either get a boost (+ other product specific benefits) or you don’t.

So combine the massive reach and multiple use cases, preworkouts aren’t going anywhere. The need for consumer information on this expanding category is only increasing. We aim to lead the way in providing product data and consumer driven reviews so you have the power to make the best decision when it comes to your energy and performance.

How to take?

Simple – These are taken pre workout. Be sure to read the instructions of each product for optimal performance. Also, if you are new to the stimulant game it is recommended to take half a dose to measure your tolerance.

How to use PreworkoutScoop.com

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How to write reviews

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Why is this website just devoted to preworkout supplements?

Why not a website dedicated to ALL supplements? The answer is simple and focused: Preworkout supplements are some of the most highly sought after supplements on the market. They are also the most researched. There are also thousands of them that all tout instantaneous effects and similar benefits. And they are a go-to supplement for beginners and experts. For those reasons, we left out some of the other supplements that are geared toward a smaller subset of the fitness community or have widely different nutritional goals. Some products that aren’t technically a “Preworkout” supplement like a stimulant-based thermogenic for weight loss or a energized/caffeine fortified BCAA have been included because these supplements are often times taken in place of a preworkout supplement.