Who we are and what we do

PreworkoutScoop.com is a sports nutrition product database and review site that focuses on pre-workout and energy-based supplements. We strive to provide unbiased and objective product information about the vast array of pre-workout supplements while also serving as a platform for community feedback, reviews and anecdotal information on this popular class of supplements.

100% community driven product ratings and reviews

Ratings of pre-workout supplements will be 100% community driven and will also feature a comprehensive, data-driven search engine for finding and sorting supplements by specific categories, such as caffeine content, ingredients, sales status, brand, classification and product type.

Our place in the industry

It is a goal of the site to provide the feedback we receive and share it with brands so they can make improvements and introduce new products to the market based on feedback and what people want. We aim to be a tool in the betterment of the industry, not a detriment by stacking the deck against the consumers.

How we handle fake reviews

We have zero tolerance for fake reviewers and spammers. We actively seek out and ban spammers and fake reviewers that attempt to manipulate and unfairly impact ratings.

Shop here

While some popular supplements will be available for purchase, they will still be judged based solely on consumer feedback and will not receive any special advantages when it comes to reviewing and ranking them.

100% Transparency

With full transparency, we aim to provide a free, impartial and objective virtual community so you can feel confident that the information provided is trustworthy, without bias and free of the typical spin and misinformation that many supplement manufacturers lean so heavily on.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Preworkoutscoop.com does engage in affiliate advertising by hosting affiliate links on various product hubs in the “where to buy” section. We do earn a commission on purchases made through these links. That said, in no way does that influence the rankings or reviews on this site.